Engineering Plans

Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical Engineering and Subsurface exploration is vital to both design and construction of any project.  Properly designed foundation and reduced construction costs are direct results of a comprehensive geotechnical analysis and design. 

MTI Geotechnical services include preparation of subsurface exploration program, performing laboratory tests, geotechnical analysis, and report preparation. A comprehensive list of our geotechnical services is provided below:

  • Preparation of subsurface exploration program

  • Soil and Rock sampling

  • Shallow and Deep Foundation Systems Analysis

  • Bearing Capacity Evaluation

  • Settlement Analysis

  • Slope Stability analysis

  • Field Infiltration Testing

  • Foundation Underpinning Analysis

  • Pavement Analysis and Design

  • Retaining Wall Design

  • Evaluation of Existing Slopes and Remediation

  • Evaluation of Existing Retaining Walls and Remediation

  • Soil and Subgrade Stabilization