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Engineering Tools

Laboratory Services Engineering

Providing  laboratory services for testing , concrete, concrete cores, masonry, masonry units , prisms, mortar, grout,  pull out test,   various soil and asphalt  testing.

A. Concrete, Masonry , Wall Prism Testing

  • Concrete Cylinders Compressive Strength

  • Concrete Beam Flexural Strength

  • Mortar, Grout  Samples Compressive Strength

  • CMU units, Masonry Prism Compressive Strength

  • Concrete Mix Design Review, Verification

  • Concrete Coring and Core Compressive Strength

  • Aggregate

  • Fireproofing

  • Epoxy Overlay Pull Test

B. Soil Testing

  • Moisture Density Relationship (Proctor Test) ASTM, AASHTO

  • Atterberg Limits

  • Sieve Analysis

  • Specific Gravity

  • Hydrometer

  • Shrinkage Limit

  • California Bearing Ratio (CBR)

  • Moisture Content

  • Aggregate Testing

  • Fireproofing

C. Asphalt Testing

  • Asphalt Coring and Measurement

  • Bulk Specific Gravity of Asphalt Cores

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