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Specialized Testing and Services

At MTI we conduct specialized testing and services such as pull out test of  overlay – ACI 503 R and Pre-condition Survey of the buildings to document any pre-existing conditions and cracks that could become the subject of concern or a claim after construction begins.

A. Testing:

  • Bond Test-Tensile Strength of Overlays, and Overlayments

  • Concrete and Asphalt  Coring and Testing

  • Windsor Probe Testing

  • Concrete Moisture Emission Test

  • Crack Monitoring Gauges & Evaluation

B. Services:

  • Contractor Quality Control (CQC)

Our quality control staff is making sure the construction is performed according to the plans, specifications, and project requirements. The primary function of CQC is the successful execution of a realistic plan to ensure that the required standards of quality construction will be met.

  • Pre- Condition & Post Construction Surveys

A pre-condition survey serves to document any pre-existing cracks that could become the subject of concern or a claim after construction begins.  It also serves as a baseline for monitoring any potential construction impacts on the structure and to identify any potential structural conditions that might make the structure more sensitive to construction activities. The pre-construction survey is considered a good public relations tool for educating the neighborhood about the project. It should be noted that vibration or noise may perceived by the neighbors as detrimental to their property, and in most cases will cause the owners to inspect their property  more closely, causing them to find cracks they believe are new that may have pre-existed the construction activities.  This survey serves to preclude complaints and claims that often arise out of this response.

In our opinion, inspection following the completion of a project is a necessity.  It should be noted that project completion does not eliminate complaints or claims.  Inspections at the end of a project provide the best evaluation of project effects. MTI reviews structures previously inspected and compares them to original evaluations.

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