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Harper Building, Washington, DC

Geotechnical Engineering

Planned subsurface exploration program, conducted soil borings for the building, performed laboratory tests, evaluated the subsurface condition for support of the structure, and prepared geotechnical evaluation report addressing geotechnical design related recommendations for design and implementation during construction.  

Construction Materials Testing and Inspection


Testing and Inspection included  but not limited to: mass excavation, underpinning, bearing capacity verifications, sheeting and shoring, soldier piles, lagging, tieback,  deep and shallow foundation, backfill/compaction, reinforcement steel, cast-in-place concrete, formwork  / re-shoring, stripping letters, structural steel,  fireproofing,  cold form steel, pre-cast connections, exterior i Insulation finish system(EIFS), masonry, mortar, grout, sub base, asphalt, site Work, and services  of certified laboratory for soils, concrete, and asphalt.

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